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Mike Giunta

  I am a voice actor. I help people tell their stories.

Michael Anthony at a friend's studio

          I met my wife in high school. Colleen and me have three grown children now. I have matured apparently but as a much younger man, music was always my most important concern. It might have been the escape embedded deep in the mystical conjuring of heavy rock that drew me in when I was a young boy with few friends living miles from nowhere.  I also spent too much time laying on the cold kitchen linoleum with the warm glow of the hit parade flowing from the bass heavy console radio. Somewhere between Jethro Tull, Hawkwind, the Beatles and a jumble of 70's top 40, my music tastes were formed. At the time I worked at any part time job I could to support my vinyl habit. Of course, my first major purchase was a stereo system; even before my first car. The second thing I had to own was a ridiculous see through Plexiglas electric guitar that was a poor copy of an Gibson SG. I played IOMMI power chords as my friend Luc would do his best Sabbath crashes. "Generals gathered in their masses" indeed. Music has fired the engines of my soul for most of my life and somehow I was able to turn that hormonal pit of dark noise and serious melody into a decent career in broadcasting and music distribution. 

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