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March goes out like a lamb...


A group of us decided to try a little winter camping this year. Post the ice cold and pre bug season... you know like real Canadians! It was Jenifer's idea actually so let's credit her. I almost did not get to go because alas I didn't check off the date. But fate allowed weather and availability to make it so. A great two days with friends, Rob and Jenifer, Blair and Debra, John & Leah & Anna ( wonderdog), Vic and myself. The trip started saturday morning at Lac McGregor near Nakkertok North. We ambled out about 3 kilometers into the woods just far enough and hilly enough to get a good workout and be deep into the quiet of a winter forest. Some trudged on foot, some used snowshoes and Vic revived his 80's telemark skis. It had been a while since I did this so planning was fun. The web is full of winter camping videos and survivalist kinda stuff but I relied mostly on common sense and a gram of logic.

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